Saturday, 24 August 2013

Gift Ideas for Coworkers for Christmas

As a stay-at-home-mom, I can escape the harrowing experiences of sourcing for Christmas gifts for coworkers but not among my group of friends. For years, my group of friends and I would participate in Secret Santa at one of our homes. It's not really a secret, because our tradition is that after opening up the presents, the givers would usually reveal themselves. Ha! But we are friends after all. 

But it can be a tough call when you play the office Secret Santa and have no inkling what the co-worker you've been assigned to like at all. She might be someone from another department whom you occasionally greet and exchange a few words with. This is especially so in large workplaces. In another case, he might be someone whom you work with closely, and in this case you would have a lot more clues as to what he would have liked as a gift.

Interestingly, there's a survey I've came across recently that cited co-workers as one of the groups that give some of the worst Christmas gifts. No one wants to receive some tacky gifts and you don't want to be giving away some tacky gifts unknowingly. 

So I've roped in my good friends who are all office employees for some good holiday gift ideas. They have many years of experience at both ends of buying and receiving Christmas gifts. Inevitably, all of them have participated in office gift exchanges.

Here's the 5 best gifts you can give to your co-workers. 

Gift Baskets


Please don't brush this off. There's a reason it's an ever popular gift idea that's been very well-received. When I was younger, I like to receive non-perishable gifts which feel more "substantial". Over the years, after receiving quite a number of gifts that I couldn't find use for and which tend to take up space or add to the clutter, it struck me that a perishable and edible gift is a nice gift indeed. 

The recipient can have a tasty time feasting on the goodies and there's no leftover traces, other than the basket that it comes in which could be used to store some other stuff. 

There's a variety of gift baskets to choose from - chocolates, cookies, dried fruits, candies or yummy snacks. Your coworker could slowly savor the treat day by day. He could share the pleasure among family and friends. He might even save it for when guests come over to his place and give them a nice treat. 

Just look at the dried fruit tray in the image above. It certainly makes an eye-pleasing gift and the price is reasonable too. Who knows, your co-worker might even open up and share it in the office to let everyone share in your tasty gift. 

Flowering Teas

If you have a tea-lover, it's an almost no-brainer to pamper them with a flowering tea set. Even if you have a non-tea drinker, introducing them to flowering tea is a beautiful act.

If your co-worker has not experienced flowering tea before, she'll be in for both a visual and aromatic treat. She will witness for herself the amazing transformation of a tea ball unfurling into a delightful flower blossom. It's quite a visual treat that is likely to wash her stress away and let her savor the richness of full-bloomed tea.  

All she has to do is to steep the tea ball in hot water and let the flower bloom and give off its flavor, while her mind relaxes. She'll remember this as a magical and unforgettable holiday gift. 

Get the sampler set so she have a taste of various exotic flavors and decide her own favorite. And if she has guests over, she can wow all of them and make them feel pampered with your flowering tea gift. 

Cool Desktop Gifts

Tech Tools Desktop Madness Series -Yes that's a brand name for a series of cool and fun office supplies that includes cell phone holder, pen holder, bookends, and paper clip magnet stand when I last checked. Every one of these four items would make a great coworker gift. 

You have to see for yourself what they are and you'll see why they make impressive gifts for the office guy or girl. These are practical, cool, and will enjoy a stronghold on your coworker's desk. Each of these items will help stir up conversations with other co-workers who drop by the recipient's office or cubicle. Who says desktop gifts are boring?

Lunch Bags/Totes

Not everyone has the luxury of setting foot outside for a leisurely lunch during hectic working days. Sometimes, a coworker just wants to pack a healthier lunch to savor in the workplace. Other times, eating at the pantry or desk if it's allowed can be a retreat away from the mad rush lunch crowds.

One of my friends, she would occasionally pack her homemade salad for breakfast and bring it to work. She would also pack extras for a few colleagues as she makes more to share with others. How generous! 

If you've noticed your co-worker eating at her desk on more than one occasion, a pretty, practical lunch tote might turn out to be a very useful and appreciated Christmas gift from Secret Santa!

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle


Some people just find drinking plain water boring, and because they can't stand drinking water, they turn to other beverages and many of these are less healthy choices. Drinking water, as we know it, is a good thing for our bodies. Not everyone chooses to drink water or drink sufficient amount of water.

To make drinking water more flavorful and fun, there's water bottles that come with a fruit infuser in the market. It might not be available at your local stores, so you might have to get one online from Amazon. These bottles basically let you add fruits like lemons, oranges, limes, strawberries to your water bottle for a fruity flavor to your water. 

Instead of reaching for another flavored drink with artificial flavorings, your coworker will find this a handy gift that makes drinking water more refreshing, and keep him well-hydrated throughout the working hours. Maybe with the fruity splash, he'll start drinking more water than he normally does.

Buying gifts for coworkers or being the Secret Santa can take its toil especially when your shopping list is long and you leave it to the last minute. Then you have to put up with the heavy traffic, crowded retail stores and the endless queues. It can get crazy during the holiday seasons. So the best place to shop is to shop online in the comfort of your own home, and have your Christmas gifts delivered to your doorstep in time for your office gift exchange. 

Christmas shopping can be a breeze if you let it be. Happy Holidays!